December 12, 2017

Call for issues


Which Internet governance and digital policy issues should be discussed at SEEDIG and EuroDIG in 2019?


[Update] In response to the call for issues, we received 110 proposals for issues to be discussed at the SEEDIG 2019 meeting.

In a joint call for issues, SEEDIG and EuroDIG are inviting proposals for issues to be discussed at their 2019 annual meetings. Proposals can be submitted between 1 October and 30 November 2018 (24:00 UTC).

Please note:

  • This is a call for issues, not a call for session or workshop proposals. We expect you to tell us what particular Internet governance and digital policy issues you would like to see discussed at SEEDIG and EuroDIG in 2019. The proposed issues should be of relevance for Europe and/or South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area.
  • To help categorise proposals more easily, we have indicated a few categories for you to assign your proposals to: access and literacy; development of the Internet governance ecosystem; human rights and data protection; innovation and economic issues; media and content; security and crime; technical and operational issues; other.
  • Each individual can suggest up to three (3) issues. If more than three proposals are submitted by the same person, only the last three proposals will be considered.
  • The list of submitted proposals can be consulted on an ongoing basis.
  • Consult the SEEDIG 2019 meeting planning process, to see what happens after the call for issues.




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