December 27, 2017

National IGFs

National IGF initiatives in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area 


Many countries in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area have developed national IGF initiatives over the past years. There are also several countries which are on the way of launching such initiatives. SEEDIG has been working on fostering communication with and between these initiatives, and has offered to support them in their activities. It is worthwhile mentioning that some of these initiatives have been inspired by SEEDIG.

List of national IGFs, as recognised by the global Internet Governance Forum:

Albania | 29 March 2018 | Tirana

Armenia | 10 October 2018 | Yerevan

Azerbaijan | Annual meeting TBD

Belarus | 16 May 2017 | Minsk

Bosnia and Herzegovina | 12 December 2017 | Sarajevo

Croatia |16 May 2017| Zagreb

Georgia |  12 September 2017 | Tbilisi

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia | 28 November 2017 | Skopje

Moldova | Annual meeting TBD

Russia | 7 April 2017 | Innopolis

Slovenia | 17 October 2017| Ljubljana

Youth IGF Turkey | 26 November 2017 | Istanbul

Ukraine | 6 October 2017 | Kyiv


SEEDIG’s relations with national IGFs

Online meetings

Starting December 2015, SEEDIG has been facilitating online meetings with interested national IGF initiatives from the region. These meetings represent an opportunity to discuss and exchange information on issues such as challenges and success stories from national IGFs, modalities in which SEEDIG could assist in building or strengthening national IGFs, and ways in which national IGFs could contribute to the SEEDIG process.

Past meetings


Participation of national IGFs at the SEEDIG annual meeting 

National IGF initiatives have been active contributors to the SEEDIG process. Starting 2016, a slot is reserved in the SEEDIG programme for a meeting with national IGFs (also attended by EuroDIG and the IGF Secretariat).

In 2017, this meeting was held on day 0, and it brought together representative of existing and in-formation IGF initiatives from across the region. Discussions revolved mainly around challenges faced by these initiatives, as well as sharing of experiences on how some of these challenges have been addressed by some IGFs. It was agreed at this session to continue the series of online meetings, as they would serve as a good opportunity for IGF initiatives to stay in touch with each other, exchange experiences and good practices, and learn from each other.


Contribution of national IGFs to SEEDIG intersessional activities 

Members of national IGF initiatives have been active contributors to SEEDIG intersessional activities, such as the monthly SEEsummary, the SEEhub, and the surveys runs by SEEDIG.


SEEDIG at national IGF meetings 

SEEDIG strives, to the extent possible, to participate in annual meetings of national IGF initiatives, as part of its outreach and communication efforts. Example of IGF initiatives meetings attended by members of the SEEDIG executive committee include: Armenia IGF, Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF, Croatia IGF, Georgia IGF, and Slovenia IGF.


Meeting of IGF initiatives at SEEDIG 2017