SEEDIG 5 | Programme Committee

We invite interested members of the SEEDIG community to volunteer for joining a Programme Committee which will work on preparing the programme for SEEDIG 5 (7–8 May 2019, Bucharest).

Express your interest in joining the Programme Committee by filling out the form availabl at the bottom of this page.

Deadline: 20 January 2019

Before submitting the form, please make sure you read the guidelines below carefully. They relate to the selection process and to the functioning of the Committee.

Programme Committee Guidelines

1. The SEEDIG Executive Committee (EC) will select members for the Programme Committee (PC), taking into account the need to create a committee with overall expertise and experience required to prepare a balanced and relevant programme, in accordance with SEEDIG principles (e.g. Session principles, Programme planning process etc.). The EC will also consider the need to have a diversity of stakeholder groups, countries, age and gender in the composition of the PC.

2. The PC will work on further shaping the programme for SEEDIG 5 (building on the draft programme), in close coordination with the EC. The overall responsibility for ensuring that the meeting programme is aligned with SEEDIG’s mission, vision and principles rests with the EC.

3. Members of the PC are expected to, inter alia:

  • a. Incorporate comments submitted during the public consultation period(s) into the final programme, to the largest extent possible.
  • b. Further shape and define the sessions, in terms of title, focus, format, key participants, moderators etc.
  • c. Make sure that the overall programme is cohesive, consistent, focused and relevant. For example, the programme should include topics of interest for as many stakeholder groups as possible (especially those usually less represented at SEEDIG meetings), and the discussions should be focused and relevant for the SEE+ region.
  • d. Develop mechanisms (such as public consultations, online meetings etc.) to allow the SEEDIG community to be periodically informed about and consulted on subsequent versions of the programme. Such consultations should happen at least once before the SEEDIG 5 meeting.
  • e. Actively participate in building the programme, including through participation in online meetings, reviews, drafting of session descriptions, identification of possible key participants and moderators etc.
  • f. Strive to make decisions on the basis of consensus, to the largest extent possible. Where consensus is not possible, then a formal vote may be held; in the case of voting, decisions shall be taken by simple majority.
  • g. Be team players, impartial in their judgement, honest and open to discussion.

4. The PC is expected to have at least five (5) members.

5. PC members elect a Chair who coordinates the work of the PC: scheduling and chairing meetings, ensuring communication with the SEEDIG community and the SEEDIG EC, working towards ensuring active participation of PC members etc.

6. At least one (1) member of the EC will be a full member of the PC and contribute to all PC activities.

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