December 27, 2017


SEEDIG’s relations with the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) 


It 2015, the first SEEDIG meeting was held as a pre-event to EuroDIG. Ever since, SEEDIG has been working together with EuroDIG on building and strengthening synergies between the two initiatives. These synergies have materialised in several ways:


Joint call for issues 

Over the past three years, SEEDIG and EuroDIG have run joint calls for issues, to marked the start of the preparatory processes for their annual meetings. This joint milestone has created the framework for better understanding what Internet governance issues are seen as relevant both in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area, and in the wider Europe.


Participation in annual EuroDIG meetings 

As it is the case with the global IGF, SEEDIG messages from the annual meeting are presented at EuroDIG as well.

In 2017, this was done in the framework of a flash session, which also featured discussions on how SEEDIG could improve moving forward. In addition, following the joint call for issues, it turned out that most of the topics tackled at SEEDIG also featured in the EuroDIG programme, and this further facilitated the inclusion of SEE views into the EuroDIG discussions. Members of the SEEDIG community actively participated in the planning and running of EuroDIG sessions. Moreover, several SEEDIG fellows and participants in the Youth School were also selected for the YOUthDIG programme, further contributing to strengthening the connections between the two initiatives.


SEEDIG Flash session @ EuroDIG 2017