January 20, 2018

SEEDIG Strategic Plan | Draft

Public comment period: 20 – 31  January 2018 (closed)


The South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) is a (sub)regional Internet Governance Forum initiative dedicated to facilitating discussions and collaboration on Internet governance issues among stakeholders in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (SEE).

Since its creation, in late 2014, SEEDIG has constantly grown and it now functions as a year-long process which includes an annual meeting and related preparatory steps, as well as intersessional activities. SEEDIG has so far held three annual meetings: Sofia – 2015, Belgrade – 2016, and Ohrid –2017.  It has also launched capacity development initiatives – Youth School, Fellowship Programme, Internship Programme – as well as activities aimed at facilitating a better understanding of regional practices and developments in the field of Internet governance and digital policies – regional surveys, SEEsummaries, and SEEhub meetings.

This growth has been possible thanks to the active involvement of the SEEDIG community, as well as the contribution of our supporting organisations, sponsors, hosts, and institutional partners.

To guide SEEDIG’s future growth, in an efficient and sustainable manner, the executive committee has elaborated a draft Strategic Plan, and a public consultation is hereby launched on this draft.

The draft Strategic Plan outlines a vision and a mission for SEEDIG, as well as beliefs, practices, and strategic priorities. For each priority, specific goals and possible action lines for achieving them are indicated. The plan is proposed for the period 2018 – 2020, which coincides with the mandate of the Executive Committee.

Public consultation

The public consultation period on the draft Strategic Plan is open until 31 January 2018.

Comments can be submitted in two ways:

After the public comment period, the Executive Committee will review all submitted comments and prepare a second version of the Strategic Plan. The intention is to keep the Strategic Plan as a live, evolving document, and update it periodically, as deemed necessary.


Strategic Plan (Google doc) | Strategic Plan (.pdf)