February 27, 2018

SEEsummary editorial team

The editorial team was formed in September 2017, following a public call for applications, and was later extended following expressions of interest from alumni of SEEDIG capacity development programmes. Our editors regularly monitor Internet governance and digital policy developments and activities in South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring, and create a summary report that is published at the end of each month. The SEEsummaries are possible thanks to their voluntary work.

Qanita Abedpour | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Qanita is a translator and a firm believer in the power of words. She is interested in digital humanities, post-literacy, and other uses of the digital space. She likes photography and avocados, and hates stereotypes about millennials.



Maja Ćalović | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maja is a writer, translator, and educator from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She focuses on digital rights, media literacy, and the use of tech in education and civil society. Will follow your dog on Instagram.



Sabajete Elezaj | Albania
Sabajete is a cybersecurity enthusiast from Albania who strongly believes in gender equality. She loves modern, high tech movies and it’s still saving for all her imaginary world trips.


Andrijana Gavrilović | Serbia

Andrijana is an editor and researcher focused on cybersecurity and Internet governance. A political scientist by vocation and a philologist at heart, she would like to speak all the languages in existence and live in Cartagena de Indias.



Su Sonia Herring | Turkey

Sonia is an editor and project coordinator, focused on Internet governance and digital policy related projects across Turkey, the SEE region, Afghanistan, and Germany. In her free time she enjoys singing, daydreaming of Italy, and complaining about the state of the world.


Loreta Kroj | Albania

Loreta is a geek who likes computer networks. She has even tried to come up with an IPv4 joke, but the good ones were all already exhausted.



Olga Kyryliuk | Ukraine

Olga is international lawyer by profession and writer by vocation. Based in Kiev, but is easier to be found in the places where Internet-related discussions are happening. She believes in multistakeholder governance, runs an NGO, advocates for Internet freedom and dreams to publish her own book of poems. Olga likes challenges and contrasting occupations, holds doctorate degree in law and speaks Chinese, can be a good company both for serious discussions and a salsa evening.


Dajana Mulaj | Albania

Dajana is a business informatics student, cybersecurity enthusiast, aspiring globetrotter, and a full-time overthinker. She loves making awkward jokes, watching movies which she believes will change her life, and obsessing over travel destinations.



Oliana Sula | Albania

Oliana has teaching as her vocation and the curiosity of research and activism, her passion. She is currently lecturing at teaching business ethics at the University ‘Aleksandër Moisiu’ Durrës in Albania. Soon to be a PhD from Estonian Business School, her main research interests are digital economy, digital policy, social media, digital skills, ethics, entrepreneurship, youth policies, and innovation. Albanian by nationality, but her heart is from Argentina and her soul from France. She loves nature, fitness, writing, literature, hiking, travelling, and her biggest dream was to be a fashion designer.


New members (more details to be published soon)

  • Adela Alexandru | Romania
  • Marko Paloski | The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Efthymia Papadopoulou | Greece
  • Mirko Savković | Serbia


Past editors

Andreea Belu | Romania