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SEEDIG projects

Work carried out Intersessionally

SEEDIG intersessional work

In addition to the annual meetings and our capacity development programmes, SEEDIG also runs intersessional activities. Some of them are long-term projects (like our capacity development programmes and the SEEsummaries), while others are initiated to respond to specific needs and are limited in time (one example is a project which looked at COVID-19 tracking apps in the SEE+ region). These activities are undertaken with the involvement of the SEEDIG community and, often, with the support of SEEDIG partners.

We always welcome suggestions for new activities SEEDIG can launch, in line with its mission. Do reach out to us if you have suggestions.


A monthly overview of Internet governance and digital policy developments in SEE+.

Trackings apps

Recommendations regarding a human rights-based approach to design and deployment of COVID-19 tracking apps.

Regional surveys

Uncovering regional practices and tendencies regarding the use and governance of digital technologies.

Road Show

Supporting digital cooperation and capacity development at the national level.

Relations with IGFs

Cooperation with the global IGF, EuroDIG and national and youth IGFs in SEE+.