Why a SEEDIG Road Show?

At SEEDIG, we are continuously exploring new avenues for activities focused on capacity development and fostering dialogue on digital policy issues within the SEE+ region. At the same time, we look into ways to strengthen the SEEDIG community and ensure that our initiative is more strongly anchored into the region. In this context, the SEEDIG Road Show project – developed after consultations with several partners and national IGF initiatives – aims to:

Strengthen SEEDIG’s presence and visibility at the national level, in SEE+ countries.

Help expand the SEEDIG community and the network of regional partners, through attracting new members from the national level.

Contribute to capacity development efforts at the national level.

Help identify new avenues for cooperation between national stakeholder on digital policy issues.

Help ensure that the interests and concerns of national communities are better reflected in the overall SEEDIG process.

What does the Road Show entail?

To achieve the objectives outlined above, the SEEDIG Road Show concept will consist of events in SEE+ countries, run and planned in close cooperation with local communities and our partners and supporting organisations. Each event could include one or more of the components outlined below.


A workshop or a training session on a specific Internet or digital policy issue of interest to the local community. The topic is identified by the local community, and it could be either of broad interest for the overall community, or of specific interest for a certain stakeholder group.


A debate on a specific Internet or digital policy issue of interest for the local community. The topic is identified by the local community and should be of broad enough interest to attract participation from multiple stakeholder groups.

SEEDIG School on the Road

Sessions dedicated to fostering awareness raising and capacity development with regard to the broader Internet governance and digital policy ecosystem: processes, actors, key issues, etc. These can be targeted at different stakeholder groups.

SEEDIG outreach session

Each event includes a presentation and discussion about SEEDIG: What is SEEDIG? What are our activities? Why and how to contribute?

Artificial intelligence: Should it be a priority for Romania?

Monday, 25 March 2019 | Cluj-Napoca, Romania

About the event

Agora Debate, Cluj IT, Cluj Startups, the Urban Culture Centre of Cluj-Napoca, the City Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca and SEEDIG are hosting a public debate on the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and Romania's approach towards the development and deployment of AI technologies. 

The debate, taking place on 25 March 2019 in Cluj-Napoca, will revolve around the following question: Should Romania institute as a national priority the deployment of a programme focused on the introduction of AI in multiple sectors of the economy and society? Two teams will debate the pros and cons of such as an approach.

Draft agenda

18:00 | Welcoming the guests & opening remarks

18:10 | Keynote speeches by partners

18:30 | Debate

  • Should Romania institute as a national priority the deployment of a programme focused on the introduction of AI in multiple sectors of the economy and society?

19:30 | Overview of SEEDIG and the upcoming SEEDIG 5 meeting

20:00 | Networking cocktail

Event location

Casino (Parcul Mare)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

To confirm your participation, RSVP is kindly requested by 24 March 2019.

Infrastructures and technologies for digital innovation

Thursday, 28 March 2019 | Tirana, Albania

About the event

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania,  Albania Internet Governance Forum, Protik ICT Resource Center and SEEDIG are hosting the event 'Infrastructures and technologies for digital innovation' on 28 March 2019, in Tirana.

The event will bring together officials from ministries, the national regulatory authority and other state agencies, representatives of the local Internet industry, and other business, technical, academic and civil society associations working in Internet-related areas.

As the Albanian government is currently working on shaping several digital policies and strategies, including on matters related to infrastructures and digital innovation, the event will offer local stakeholders an opportunity to discuss possible priorities and action lines to be taken into account during the policy-making process. The debates will therefore revolve around issues related to infrastructures and technologies for digital innovation, exploring associated challenges, requirements and opportunities. International guests will be invited to share experiences and contribute their views and perspectives to the debates. Also included will be a discussion around the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in non-EU countries.

The event will conclude with a round-table touching on issues related to the involvement of local Internet actors in regional and international Internet governance and policy processes. SEEDIG and some of its partner organisations will talk about their work within and beyond South Eastern Europe and outline opportunities for engagement.

The main points raised during the event will be summarised in key messages, which will, later on, feed into the discussions to be held during the SEEDIG 5 meeting.


9:00 | Registration

09:30 | Welcoming the guests & Opening remarks

10:00 | Infrastructures and technologies for digital innovation

  • Main topics: broadband and 5G – developing national plans/strategies; Internet of Things – requirements and potential.
    • Jetmir Braha, Electronic and Postal Communications Authority, Albania
    • Dušan Caf, SEEDIG Executive Committee
    • Irena Malolli, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, Albania
    • Iosif Popa, National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications, Romania
    • Ceren Unal, Internet Society

11:30 | GDPR: Relevance for non-EU countries

12:00 | Regional and international Internet governance processes

  • SEEDIG: What is it? Why and how to contribute?
    • Dušan Caf, SEEDIG Executive Committee
  • Overview of other European and international organisations/processes active in the field of Internet governance and policy (tbc)

13:00 | Networking cocktail

Event location

Protik ICT Resource Centre

Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II, Tirana, Albania

To confirm your participation, RSVP is kindly requested by 26 March 2019.

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