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Regional suveys

Internet and digital policy issues in SEE+

Regional surveys

Our surveys are focused on uncovering regional practices and tendencies regarding the use and governance of the Internet and other digital technologies.

These are usually conducted prior to a SEEDIG annual meeting; the results are then used to inform the discussions at the meeting.

Readiness for the future of work in SEE+ (2019)

  • Half of the respondents ‘somewhat agree’ that the skills they have now will not keep them safe in the future labour market. Only a few (3%) indicated the opposite.
  • The majority of the respondents (55%) believe the educational system in their country is ‘not at all’ suitable for preparing children for the jobs of tomorrow.

Digitalisation and digital policy (2018)

  • Fostering digital literacy and supporting innovation and market growth should be among the top priority areas for SEE+ countries.
  • Regional cooperation could significantly help tackle digital policy challenges.
  • There is room for improvements when it comes to what stakeholders in SEE are doing to enforce and protect digital rights.

Internationalised Domain Names in SEE+ (2017)

  • More than half (almost 56%) of all respondents think that IDNs are an important issue in SEE.
  • The main benefit of IDNs is their role in promoting multilingualism online (71%).
  • The main disadvantage of IDNs is related to unsolved technical issues (almost 70%).

Can we SEE Internet governance? (2016)

  • Forty percent (40%) of the respondents believe that there are no efficient and effective mechanisms in place at national level to address Internet-related challenges.
  • The need for more capacity building and awareness raising on Internet governance issues was emphasized frequently throughout the survey responses.