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Welcome to SEEDIG 9
We are going to Belgrade, Serbia
25-26 November 2024
It's time for session proposals!
Youth School
24 November 2024
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Dedicated to SEE

At SEEDIG, we believe that digital technologies have an important role to play in the sustainable economic and social development of South Eastern Europe (SEE). In line with this belief, our vision is that of a healthy, sustainable and inclusive digital advancement of the SEE region.

Our mission is to support such a digital advancement through facilitating multistakeholder dialogue and cooperation on addressing issues related to the use, evolution and governance of the Internet and other digital technologies across the region.

What we do

Annual meetings

We hold annual meetings to foster dialogue and cooperation between SEE stakeholders in addressing relevant digital policy issues, from closing the digital divide to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by emerging technologies such as the Internet of things and artificial intelligence.

Capacity development

We work to empower the SEE community through our capacity development programmes – such as the Youth School and the Fellowship Programme – dedicated to raising awareness on digital policy issues and strengthening the capacity of regional stakeholders to engage in addressing such issues at national, regional and international levels.

Publications and studies

Every month, we publish the SEEsummary – the only overview of Internet and digital policy developments in SEE. We also conduct regional surveys to shed light on regional practices and tendencies regarding the use, evolution and governance of the Internet and other digital technologies.

Intersessional projects

Between two annual meetings, we carry out various intersessional projects to contribute to our mission and goals. Examples of such projects carried out throughout the years include the SEEDIG Road Show and the COVID-19 Tracking Apps in SEE+ project.

Who does what?


Contributes to planning and running SEEDIG activities, in a bottom-up, open, inclusive and transparent manner.

Executive Committee

Coordinates SEEDIG activities. Is voluntary and elected by the community. Is asssisted by various support teams.


Support SEEDIG activities in various ways. Include strategic partners, sponsors, and hosts of annual meetings.