6th seedig annual meeting

2020 | MOLDOVA


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In 2020, SEEDIG’s annual meeting will be held in Chișinău, Moldova. Take a look at the planning process and get involved.

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Proposed issues

We asked the community to tell us what Internet and digital policy issues should be discussed at SEEDIG in 2020? This is what we received.



Issue no. 34 of our SEEsummary covers Internet governance and digital policy developments across SEE+ in November and December 2019.

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SEEDIG Elections

The partial election process for three seats on the Executive Committee is now finalised. Read more about the process and its outcomes.

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public meetings

On 15 January 2020, we hosted two online public meetings as part of the planning process for SEEDIG 6. See the schedule and agenda.

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SEEDIG 5 Messages

The discussions held at SEEDIG 5 were summarised in key messages, outlining main takeaways, possible goals, and proposals for future actions.

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Our partners

We are proud and grateful to be supported, in many ways, by local, regional, and international institutions and organisations. See who they are.

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SEEDIG Legal entity

SEEDIG has created a working group tasked with developing a proposal for the creation of a SEEDIG legal entity. Read more about the group.

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SEEDIG process
Bringing together the SEE+ Internet community

SEEDIG is sub-regional Internet Governance Forum initiative dedicated to facilitating discussions and collaboration on Internet-related issues within South East Europe and neighboring area (SEE+).

We do this through our annual meetings, hosted in different countries around the region, and all-year-round intersessional activities, such as the SEEsummary and SEEhub.


What were the main Internet governance and digital policy developments in January 2020?

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