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22 April 2016 | Belgrade

About SEEDIG 2016

After a succesful first meeting in 2015 – held in conjuction with the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) – SEEDIG continued its journed with the second annual meeting, this time organised as a stand-alone event.

SEEDIG 2016 was held in Belgrade, Serbia, in May 2016. It was hoted by theSerbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS). Local institutional partners included the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and Directorate for E-government. Discussions revolved around topics such digital divides and digital literacy, cybersecurity and human rights. 

The meeting was attended by 116 in situ participants, coming from a total of 22 countries: 16 countries from South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (representing 91% of all participants), and six (6) countries from beyond the region (9% of all participants).

Messages from SEEDIG 2016

The ‘SEEDIG Messages’ are the main takeaways from our annual meetings; they reflect the discussions and are endorsed by participants.

In focus

SEEDIG 2016 report

The 2016 report contains information about the annual meeting, the planning process, attendance statistics, and feedback from participants.

SEEDIG 2016 programme

Under the theme Can we SEE Internet governance, SEEDIG 2016 featured debates on a broad range of Internet governance and digital policy issues.

Event brochure

For details about the overall content of SEEDIG 2016, check our event brochure. It also includes messages from our partners and supporting organisations.

Planning process

SEEDIG 2016 was planned in an open and transparent manner, by the SEEDIG community, under the coordination of the Executive Committee. The following milestones were part of the planning process.

No.MilestoneIndicative Timeline/Deadline

Call for issues (joint EuroDIG and SEEDIG call)

Resulted in over 70 proposals for issues to be discussed at the meeting.

October – December 2015
2.Inventory of proposals Early January 2016
3.Virtual planning meetings14–15 January 2016
4.Draft programme outline published21 January 2016
5.Public comment on draft programme21–31 January 2016
6.Registration opens1 February 2016
7.Final programme outline publishedFebruary 2016
8.Forming initial organising teams for sessionsFebruary 2016
9.Building the sessionsFebruary – April 2016
10.Survey of Internet governance in SEEMarch – April 2016
12.Registration closesApril 2016
13.SEEDIG meetingApril 2016

SEEDIG 2016 partners


Local institutional partners

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Bronze sponsors

Basic sponsors

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