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SEEDIG at a glance

Facilitating dialogue and cooperation on Internet and digital policy issues in SEE


The South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) is an open, inclusive and informal space for dialogue and cooperation on Internet and digital policy issues between stakeholders from South Eastern Europe (SEE). SEEDIG covers 18 countries in the region, namely Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine. It is a regional Internet Governance Forum (IGF) initiative, recognised as such by the UN-led IGF.

SEEDIG was launched in a bottom-up manner, in 2014, as a response to a need, as perceived by the regional Internet community, for a platform to facilitate discussions and collaboration on Internet-related issues of relevance for the region.

Vision and mission

We believe that digital technologies have an important role to play in the sustainable economic and social development of SEE. In line with this belief, our vision is that of a healthy, sustainable and inclusive digital advancement of the SEE region.

Our mission is to support such a digital advancement through facilitating multistakeholder dialogue and cooperation on addressing issues related to the use, evolution and governance of the Internet and other digital technologies across the region.


Tu fulfil our mission, we:

→ Provide a platform for regional dialogue and collaboration on Internet and digital policy issues, through annual meetings and intersessional activities.

→ Raise awareness and promote a better understanding of digital policy issues among SEE stakeholders.

Strengthen the capacity of regional stakeholders to meaningfully contribute to Internet governance and digital policy processes.

→ Inspire and support communities throughout the region to launch national initiatives and to get involved in regional, European and international processes focused on addressing digital policy issues.

→ Build partnerships, in SEE and at international level, with entities that help us fulfil our mission.


SEEDIG does not make decisions, but it can influence those who do. The open discussions held at the annual meetings are reflected in key messages, outlining main takeaways, possible goals and proposals for future actions. These messages are then distributed at national, regional, and global level. SEEDIG discussions and messages can, in turn, help inform and influence decision-making processes within governmental entities, national parliaments, companies, regional organisations, etc.

Our capacity development programmes and intersessional activities also help foster regional cooperation on digital policy issues, and contribute to strengthening the voice of SEE in European and international processes.


SEEDIG community: Contributes to planning and running SEEDIG activities, in a bottom-up, open, inclusive and transparent manner.

Executive Committee: Coordinates SEEDIG activities, with community involvement and support from partners. Is voluntary and elected by the community.

Partners: Support SEEDIG activities in various ways. Include strategic partners, sponsors, and hosts of annual meetings. 

Testimonials by SEEDIG partners