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3 June 2015 | Sofia

About SEEDIG 2015

Held as a pre-event to the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), the first SEEDIg annual meeting was aimed to be both a capacity-building event, as well as a space for discussions on Internet governance issues that are particularly relevant for the region.

Under the overarching theme Multistakeholder Internet governance: from global debates to South Eastern European realities, SEEDIG was held as a full day event. The debate revolved around issues such as multistakeholder Internet governance, human rights for Internet users, and the domain name space in SEE.

SEEDIG 2015 was attended by around 150 on-site participants, coming from 38 countries, both from within South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area (73%) and from outside the region (27%).

Messages from SEEDIG 2015

The ‘SEEDIG Messages’ are the main takeaways from our annual meetings; they reflect the discussions and are endorsed by participants.

In focus

SEEDIG 2015 report

The SEEDIG 2015 meeting report contains information about the planning process, the meeting itself, and the evaluation survey conducted after the meeting.

SEEDIG 2015 programme

The SEEDIG 2015 meetingwas held under the theme Multistakeholder Internet governance: From global debates to South Eastern European realities.

Planning process

Below is an overview of some of the key steps in the preparation of SEEDIG 2015.