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Proposal to amend the SEEDIG Executive Committee ToR

November 2020

Proposed amendments

[Update] The proposed amendments are passed, with 19 votes ‘for’, and 0 votes ‘against’ or ‘abstaining’.

Building on the experience of the 2019 partial election process, and in line with art.8 of its Terms of Reference (ToR), the Executive Committee is proposing a series of amendments to its ToR. 

The experience of the 2019 elections revealed some flaws in the ToR, which significantly delayed the election cycle and led to the restart of the whole election process as a result of an individual complaint. To avoid any similar situation in the future and to bring the ToR in compliance with the democratic and legally viable electoral procedures, the Executive Committee takes this opportunity to suggest the following amendments to the ToR.

Decision making

Members of the SEEDIG community are invited to vote on the proposed amendments, by responding to this Doodle poll by the end of the day on Wednesday, 11 November 2020.

Please note that your name is required when expressing your option, as only community members included in the SEEDIG mailing list are allowed to participate in the voting (article 6.23 in the ToR applies mutatis mutandis). If you do not indicate your real name, your vote will not be considered.

The proposed amendments to the ToR will be considered as passed if supported by a simple majority of those voting.