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Hisham Ibrahim

Key participant in sessions: 

Internet 101: How does the Internet work?

(S2.1) Technical developments in South Eastern Europe

Stakeholder group: Technical community

RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) | Technical advisor

Hisham is in charge of training programs, technical support and relations with RIPE NCC members and the MENOG community. Hisham brings over a decade of expertise in the field of Internet technology and its governance. Prior to joining the RIPE NCC Middle East office, Hisham held a number of senior technical positions including, IPv6 Program Manager at AFRINIC (2010-2014) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) Team Leader at the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (2005-2010). Both from a technical and policy background, Hisham is active on several committees in various Network Operator Groups (NOGs), peering forums, IPv6 task forces and forums in Africa and the Middle East.