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SEEDIG 2016 | Programme details

22 April 2016 | Belgrade

Short Talks

14.00 – 14.30

  • Lianna Galstyan, Internet Society Armenia
  • Aida Mahmutović, Centre for Internet Governance, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. GIP Digital Watch Teaser: GIP Digital Watch, an online pillar of the Geneva Internet Platform (operated by DiploFoundation), is a comprehensive Internet governance (IG) and digital policy observatory. The platform – at – provides a neutral one-stop shop for live developments, overviews and explanatory texts, events, resources, and other content related to IG. It operates in partnership with the Internet Society and builds on the resources DiploFoundation has developed over the last 15 years. Presenter: Vladimir Radunović, DiploFoundation, Serbia
2. Global Internet Policy Observatory Teaser: The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) is a new online tool that automatically collects information from around the world on Internet-related policy, regulatory and technological developments, with the aim of increasing knowledge-sharing and to permit more, underserved stakeholders to participate. Learn what it can do for you! Presenter: Megan Richards, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission, Belgium
3. Network neutrality Teaser: What do you need to know to have a better grasp on the net neutrality debate in Europe. What are we talking about? How to deal with such a complex issue? What perspective for businesses, decision makers, civil society? Presenter: Frédéric  Donck, Regional Bureau for Europe, Internet Society, Belgium
4. Promoting digital rights with online media (intro) Teaser: It seems to be a complicated task to explain technical stuff with relevance for digital rights to the general public. Even more complicated when we talk about privacy. ApTI has worked in the past year on a recipe that involves animation, short video and what looks like a regular person. All mixed with the necessary spices – a dose of humour and a small plot twist. Come to find out the results! Free to share and to replicate in your own country. Presenters: 
  • Valentina Pavel, Association for Technology and Internet, Romania
  • Matei-Eugen Vasile, Association for Technology and Internet, Romania

5. Virtual currency and bitcoin. What is the future of distributive networks and how can we utilise them? Teaser: The presentation will showcase the first Serbian bitcoin exchange machine and an online bitcoin exchange ‘Electronic Currency District’.  We will also try to encourage the way forward new business innovations in a field of decentralised, distributed ledgers (blockchains). Presenters: 
  • Arvin Kamberi, DiploFoundation, Serbia
  • Aleksandar Matanović, Electronic Currency District, Serbia