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SEEDIG 2017 | Programme details

24–25 May 2017 | Ohrid

Speakers’ corner

11.00 – 11.30 | 25 May


First block: 11.00 – 11.30

1. SEE regional IoT and other capacity building activities

Teaser: The idea of the talk is to present current and past community self-organised and bottom up annual activities and conferences that place in the SEE region, like Descon and Balccon. Both contribute to the technical capacity and community building efforts and understanding of new technologies. Descon has a special focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), and if of multidisciplinary nature.

Presenter: Desiree Miloshevic,


2. New generic top-level domains (new gTLDs)

Presenter: Andrea Beccalli, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

3. How to cripple the Internet in five simple copyright reform steps

Teaser: Geoblocking? Link tax? Content monitoring? Internet intermediaries liability? The new copyright proposal for the EU has great chances of hijacking the entire Internet ecosystem in Europe. Find out how the European Commission’s failed attempt to “reform” copyright is disrupting the digital environment.

In September 2016, the European Commission published an alarming copyright reform proposal. The new provisions would severely impact the digital development, the user’s rights, the education and research sectors. More information on the copyright reform here.

Presenter: Valentina Pavel, Association for Technology and Internet


Second block: 15.30 – 16.00

4. Mobile security and pen testing

Teaser: Smart mobile phones are everywhere with us, however, we are not aware how vulnerable and easy is to exploit them. For this reason, this presentation will provide you with a hands-on pen testing technique on how to identify the malicious code in your phone. Among tech tips, we will present an application which will guide you and brief you on how to protect yourself and at the same time be aware about your privacy and security settings. The application is Security Guru – Awareness Wizard.

Presenter: Predrag Tasevski,

5. Net neutrality and zero rating: Regulatory experience across Europe

Teaser: The talk looks into recent regulatory decisions on zero rating practices in six European countries. Zero rating offers consist in exempting specific traffic from the data cap included in the end user’s subscription. The Telecoms Single Market Regulation, which imposes net neutrality, does not explicitly ban zero rating practices. However, national regulators should examine such practices on a case-by-case basis and intervene in situations where end-users’ choice could be materially reduced.

Presenter: Veronica Bocarova, Cullen International

6. Perspectives of e-voting in SEE

Teaser: The views on the positive effects of e-voting in Europe are quite encouraging, while security remains the primary challenge of  this process. The system that we present is independent and featured by prevention of global network and outer influence, having in mind the financial requirements and the indispensability for establishment of an entire network infrastructure of such system. The system furthermore takes into account the experience of voters from SEE during the last decades. Additionally,  it attempts to offer an adequate response to the necessity for registration and realisation of voting right of SEE citizens residing abroad.

Presenters: Goce Naumovski and Dragi Raskovski, SS.Cyril & Methodius University