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SEEDIG 2018 | Programme details

23–24 May | Ljubljana

Securing your data*

SEEDIG Cryptoparty

24 May | 18:00



The Cryptoparty is an event where everyone learns and shares their knowledge about digital privacy.

Participants will learn how much information about us and our online activity can be collected by Wi-Fi owners, Internet service providers, governments, online services we use, and malicious subjects in cyberspace.

We will discuss how much information we leave behind unknowingly and what these digital traces are, how they compromise our privacy and anonymity, and what we can do to protect ourselves from specific adversaries. We will demonstrate how we can start to exchange encrypted e-mails and how to start encrypted group chats (instant messaging).

We will also help participants install privacy protection tools in their devices.

The Cryptoparty workshop is for everyone – even those who have no experience with or knowledge about Internet

All you need to do is bring your device – a laptop and/or a smartphone and join us!


  • Arandjel Bojanović, Internet Society Serbia, Hacklab Belgrade
  • Désirée Miloshević, Internet Society Serbia, Hacklab Belgrade, Internet Society Board of Trustees
  • Jelena Ćosić, Internet Society Serbia
  • Liora
  • Nikola Todorović, Hacklab Belgrade,
  • Marko Jovanović, Hacklab Belgrade,
  • Petar Simović, Internet Society Serbia,