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SEEDIG 2018 Programme guidelines

23–24 May | Ljubljana

The programme for SEEDIG annual meetings is built in a bottom-up, open and transparent manner, by the SEEDIG community, under the overall coordination of the executive committee.

In building the programme, the following guidelines are to be taken into account:

  • A public call for issues to be discussed at the meeting is issued at least six months before the annual meeting.
  • Proposals submitted in response to the call for issues are compiled by the executive committee and made publicly available.
  • A discussion on the submitted proposals is held during a public virtual meeting.
  • A draft programme is built by the executive committee, based on the submitted proposals and the discussions held at the virtual meeting.
  • The draft programme is put for public comment.
  • A final programme is built by the executive committee, based on the draft programme and the comments received during the public comment period.
  • Organising teams are formed for each session included in the final programme.
  • Organising teams are open to all those who have submitted proposals, as well as to any other interested individual.
  • Each organising team is to have one or two session leads, designated as such by the executive committee. The role of the session lead(s) is to facilitate the work of the organising team and to maintain communication with the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee will also contribute to the planning of the sessions, on an equal basis with all other team members.
  • Organising teams work on building the sessions (deciding on the session focus and title, description, format, key participants, moderator/facilitator, remote moderator, rapporteurs, etc.) in an open and transparent manner, and in line with the session principles.
  • The overall activity of the organising teams is coordinated by the Executive Committee, whose role is to assist the teams, where necessary, and to ensure that the session principles are complied with.