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Traian Chebeleu

Key participant in session: 

→ (S3.1) Businesses in the digital era: opportunities and challenges

Stakeholder group: Intergovernmental organization

Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation | Deputy Secretary General of Permanent International Secretariat

Ambassador Traian Chebeleu is Deputy Secretary General of thePermanent International Secretariat of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation.

He is a career diplomat and has served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, mainly dealing with international organizations. He also held the positions of State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1992), Diplomatic Adviser and Spokesman for the President of Romania (1993-1996). He was the Ambassador of Romania to Austria (2001-2005) and Special Representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Black Sea Issues (2008-2009). Subsequently, he joined the Permanent International Secretariat Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (2009).