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Executive Committee elections 2017 | Voting and results

In September 2017, the South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) has launched an election process for its executive committee. Following a nominations period (18 October – 1 November), voting members of the SEEDIG community were invited to exercise their voting rights, as part of the election process. The voting period was open from 3 November until 12 November, end of day.

[Update] Results

Who are the candidates? | Who can vote? | How does the voting work? | Find out more about the elections

Results, as confirmed on 22 November

With reference to the Article 6.32 of the ToR, the election committee is pleased to announce the final election results and the new SEEDIG executive committee. Please note that the length of the term for each committee member is determined according to the Article 9 of the ToR.

The new executive committee (order by the numbers of votes received):

  1. Sorina Teleanu, Romania, Civil Society, elected to a three years term
  2. Lianna Galstyan, Armenia, Technical Community, elected to a three years term
  3. Dušan Caf, Slovenia, Private Sector, elected to a three years term
  4. Su Sonia Herring, Turkey, Civil Society, elected to a two years term
  5. Sasho Dimitrioski, Macedonia, Government, elected to a two years term


Results, as announced on 14 November 

I. Election results (voting)

Total Ballots Cast (including duplicates): 75
Ballots Counted (excluding duplicates): 74
Voters Who Haven’t Voted: 48

Votes received (order as in the ballot)     
1: 40 votes    Dušan Caf, Slovenia, Private sector
2: 36 votes    Sasho Dimitrijoski, North Macedonia, Government
3: 46 votes    Lianna Galstyan, Armenia, Technical community
4: 39 votes    Su Sonia Herring, Turkey, Civil society
5: 15 votes    Narine Khachatryan, Armenia, Civil society
6: 25 votes    Fotjon Kosta, Albania, Government
7: 37 votes    Olga Kyryliuk, Ukraine, Civil society
8: 31 votes    Domen Savič, Slovenia, Technical community
9: 69 votes    Sorina Teleanu, Romania, Civil society


II. Proposal for the new executive committee (order by the numbers of votes received)

1.      Sorina Teleanu, Romania, Civil society
2.      Lianna Galstyan, Armenia, Technical community
3.      Dušan Caf, Slovenia, Private sector
4.      Su Sonia Herring, Turkey, Civil society
5.      Sasho Dimitrioski, North Macedonia, Government

In compliance with section F  Art. 6.29 – 6.33 of the SEEDIG Executive Committee Terms of Reference (ToR), the Election Committee announces the election results and the proposal for the composition of the new SEEDIG Executive Committee.
According to Art 6.30, the candidates receiving most votes during the voting process shall become members of the executive committee, provided that the diversity criteria mentioned in Art. 3.2 are met.
By analysing the results of the elections, the election committee concluded that the five candidates as named above meet the requested diversity criteria and the conditions as per art. 6.31  a. to d. cumulatively. At the same time it assures the continuity of the work of the previous executive committee with two new members that would offer added value in experience and youth representation.

Instructions on legal remedy
According to art 6.32. a. – ToR ,  a. Voting members of the SEEDIG community may file written motivated objections to the proposal within seven (7) days from the date when the proposal is announced. Objections may only be raised on procedural grounds and concern the fulfilment of the conditions provided in Art. 6.31. If no objection is filed within this deadline the election committee shall announce the final election results. The deadline for the motivated objections is 21 November, 23:59.


Notes on the voting process


  • For this year’s elections, SEEDIG will be using the Tally voting system, thanks to support from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The tool will be administered by ICANN (which is represented as observer on the election committee), while all other members and observers on the election committee will have the status of ‘monitors’ in the Tally voting system.
  • After launching the voting process, on 3 November, each voting member of the SEEDIG community will receive one ballot on her/his email address (i.e. the one used for the SEEDIG mailing list). Please note that the list of SEEDIG community members who are eligible to vote is available on the SEEDIG website.
  • After the voting process is open, the voter will have 10 (ten) days at disposal to submit the vote, until 12 November, end of day. The ballot received via e-mail will be self-explanatory.
  • Each voter is asked to indicate his/her preference for five candidates. Voting for more than five candidates will invalidate the vote. Voting for less than five candidate will count as a valid vote, but, as the executive committee is composed of five members, we recommend that you express your preference for five candidates.
  • Before submitting the vote, voting members are invited to carefully review the candidates’ nominations and statements, at
  • When expressing their vote, it is strongly recommended that voting members take into account the need to ensure stakeholder, country, and gender diversity within the executive committee, as per the SEEDIG’s Terms of References for the Executive Committee.
  • Voters casts their votes anonymously and the vote is secret. The election committee will only receive the records related to the overall number of votes submitted for each individual candidate. The election committee will not have access to any information allowing it to link votes with voters. The counting of the votes will be done automatically by Tally, and the results will be publicly available to all voting members.
  • If you are a voting member of the SEEDIG community, and you do not receive the ballot on the day when the voting process is open, or should you have any questions related to the process, please contact the election committee, at