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SEEDIG 2018 | Programme details

23–24 May | Ljubljana

(S8) Internet governance in SEE: Putting the puzzle together

24 May | 16:30 – 17:30 

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A look at Internet governance initiatives across SEE, from national IGFs to SEEDIG. What do they have in common? To what extent can they work together? How do they feed (or should) into European and global Internet governance processes? And what next for SEEDIG?


Internet governance (IG), IG initiatives, IG ecosystem, cooperation, SEEDIG

Session description

There are several Internet governance initiatives across South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area, from national and youth IGFs, to schools on Internet governance, and to SEEDIG itself. At a first glance, they share certain common objectives, especially when it comes to capacity development in Internet governance and digital policy. But what else do they have in common? What challenges do they face in their work, what lessons have been learned, and (how) can the success stories of one initiative help others address the same or similar problems? To what extent, and in which areas, can these initiatives join forces to achieve their goals. Moreover, (how) are these initiatives feeding into regional, European, and global Internet governance processes? What are the vertical and horizontal ties between national initiatives, SEEDIG, EuroDIG, and the global IGF? Can these ties be strengthened? If so, how? Looking at SEEDIG itself, how can it continue to grow in a sustainable manner? What has worked well so far, and what needs to be improved? And what role can SEEDIG play in supporting other IG initiatives across the region, and in ensuring that the voices of SEE actors are better represented in Europe and global processes?

Session format

Moderated open debate

Main roles

Moderator: Sorina Teleanu, DiploFoundation, Romania Key participants:
  • Sandra Hoferichter, European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)
  • Markus Kummer, Internet Governance Forum Support Association (online participation)
  • Valentina Scialpi, European Commission (online participation)
  • Lynn St. Amour, Internet Governance Forum Multistakeholder Advisory Group (online participation)
  • National and youth IGF initiatives from SEE countries
Online moderator: Predrag Tasevski, IGF MKD, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Rapporteur: Dušan Stojičević, Gransy, Serbia  

Key messages

  • The impact of IGF initiatives is not easy to measure, but there are concrete examples of how the discussions held at IGF meetings had a positive impact on organisations and countries. In one illustration, the discussions at the Bosnia and Herzegovina IGF on Internet Exchange Points (IXP) led to the creation of an IXP in the country.
  • Resources (human and financial) are essential for building sustainability into IGF initiatives.
  • SEEDIG is a valuable initiative in the SEE region, and its most valuable asset is its community. But there is much more potential to be explored. We should build on what we have and continue to evolve, through consolidating the community and engaging with new stakeholders, enhancing the capacity development activities, and strengthening the intersessional activities.

Video recording

Organising team

Team leads: SEEDIG Executive Committee Team members:
  • Oksana Prykhodko, iNGO European Media Platform, Ukraine
  • Oliana Sula, University ‘Aleksandër Moisiu’ Durrës/Estonian Business School, Albania
Contact point:
  • Nikoleta Krstić (intern)

* The programme outline has been built considering proposals submitted during the call for issues. For each session, there is an indication of the proposals that are considered to pertain to the topic of the session. You can find the list of proposals and their corresponding ID numbers on the dedicated page.