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SEEDIG 2018 Milestones

23–24 May | Ljubljana

Planning process

The SEEDIG 2018 annual meeting (Ljubljana, May 2018) was prepared in an open and inclusive manner, by the SEEDIG community, in line with the Programme Guidelines.

Call for issues

October – December 2017

In a joint SEEDIG-EuroDIG call for issues, the community is invited to propose Internet governance and digital policy issues to be discussed at the annual meeting.

In response to the call for issues, 105 proposals were received.

Inventory of proposals

1–15 January 2018

Proposals submitted in response to the call for issues are compiled by the SEEDIG Executive Committee and made publicly available.

Find out more about the proposals (full list, stats, etc.)

Planning meetings

17 & 18 January 2018

One or two online public planning meetings are held, to review the submitted proposals and start developing a draft programme for the SEEDIG annual meeting.

Read the meeting summary report.

Draft programme published

1 February 2018

A draft programme is built by the SEEDIG Executive Committee, based on the submitted proposals and the discussions held at the online planning meeting(s).

Public comment

By 11 February 2018

The community is invited to review the draft programme and submit comments and suggestions for improvement.

Final programme

Week of 12 February 2018

A final programme outline is built based on the draft programme and the comments received during the public comment period.

Online registration

February – April 2018

Participation at the SEEDIG annual meeting will be free of charge, but registration will be mandatory. Participants will be able to register online, via the SEEDIG website.

Org teams

Week of 19 February 2018

Initial organising teams are formed to plan the sessions included in the SEEDIG 2018 programme. Individuals who have submitted proposals are invited to join.

Building sessions

March – May 2018

The org teams fine-tune the programme for SEEDIG 2018, in coordination with the Executive Committee and consulting the community, and in line with the SEEDIG session principles.

Regional survey

March – April 2018

In preparation for the annual meeting, an online regional survey will be conducted on one or several digital policy issues of relevance for South Eastern Europe and the neighbouring area. The survey results will feed into the annual meeting.


Ljubljana, May 2018

In situ and online participants will discuss Internet governance and digital policy issues from a SEE perspective, and will develop the SEEDIG Messages.